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(100 in science, 100th percentile overall) with

10+ years of GAMSAT tutoring experience

​About Dr David (aka GAMSAT Tutor)

His patients call him Dr David; his students know him as GAMSAT Tutor.

He has been dubbed "the ultimate guru of GAMSAT" - the rare combination of an astute test-taker and an effective educator.

On his first GAMSAT attempt, he attained the maximum score (100) in the science section and the highest overall score (100th percentile).

Since then, he has taught thousands of GAMSAT candidates, and has developed a reputation for making the science section accessible to candidates from all walks of life.

Those who have attended his GAMSAT preparation courses commonly regard him as the best teacher they have ever had.

With 10+ years of experience in teaching for GAMSAT and analysing question types in the science section, Dr David has developed a good sense of what is essential for successful GAMSAT preparation and a set of time-saving strategies for tackling GAMSAT questions.

Dr David is best known for his uncanny ability to:

  • explain difficult concepts well

  • provide a reliable structure for strategic GAMSAT preparation

  • teach unconventional ways of answering GAMSAT questions efficiently

Other facts about Dr David:

  • Graduated from a science degree with First Class Honours and a GPA of 7.0

  • Admitted to Medicine and Dentistry at Sydney Uni, now a registered practitioner

  • GAMSAT lecturer for Des O'Neill's GAMSAT Preparation Courses for 6 years

  • Previously held academic teaching positions at UNSW and Sydney Uni

  • Receives referrals for GAMSAT candidates from university teaching staff

He has already helped numerous GAMSAT candidates - many of whom from non-science backgrounds - pass or ace the science section of GAMSAT on their first attempt.

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“You basically taught us a semester's worth of science in one day, only clearer.”​